Valley of Merveilles


Valley of Merveilles: An open-air museum

The Vallée des Merveilles is an archaeological site: a real open-air museum in the Roya Valley.

This exceptional heritage consists of a set of rock carvings, one of the most important in Europe, preserved and accessible after a few hours of hiking. Located in the Mont Bego region, the engravings are part of the Mercantour National Park.

Inventaire du patrimoine culturel – Site du mont Bego from Département des Alpes-Maritimes on Vimeo.

The Valley of Merveilles: A protected site

Located at an altitude of more than 2,200 meters, the Valley of Merveilles and Valley of Fontanalba are a real sanctuary of Protohistory. It is a mineral environment that bears witness to 6,000 years of history with more than 40,000 engravings.

In the heart of the Mercantour National Park, this protected area has been classified as monument historique (historic monument) since 1989, and therefore its access is subject to specific regulations.



The Museum of Merveilles

Created in 1996 in Tende, le musée des Merveilles (Museum of Merveilles) highlights different engravings, in order to help protect this archaeological heritage. With a modern museography, this place of conservation, research, and exhibition, blends different themes around the evolution of Man and the Valley of Merveilles, based on the discovered engravings.