Tourism & handicap


Tourism & Handicap: the implemented actions

The Menton, Riviera & Merveilles Tourist Office provides you with personalized information.

In the brochure “Accessibility in the French Riviera” (« Accessibilité dans la Riviera Française » ) you will find the infrastructures best suited to your holiday. They also offer audio material that gives you recommendations on what you should visit and experience.

For more information about reservations, tickets, and rates for adapted seats, please contact the tourist office at: +33 (0)4 83 93 70 20

There you can also find various enlarged written documentation as well as a hearing induction loop auditory and plenty of staff trained to welcome and accommodate you in the best possible way.

In respect to various commitments, the Menton Tourist Office was rewarded the label of “Tourism & Disability”.

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Additional information:

When you get to the tourist office (8 avenue Boyer, 06500 Menton), you can park your car in the reserved places, which are 3 meters away from the office entrance (flat ground).

In the city of Menton the traffic lights are fitted with a sound system.

You can take a stroll along the entire seaside which is accessible.

All public buses on the Riviera are also at your disposal.

If you are coming by train and you need help, please dial 36 35.

Thank you

The Menton, Riviera, & Merveilles Tourist Office gives special thanks to the following associations and individuals who helped us identify solutions in order to best suit your needs: Retina France, Esatitude-ADAPEI Menton, Framboise and Créole, Mrs. Mathieu Sylvie.