The Menton lemon


The Menton lemon: the famous golden fruit

This fruit is one of the highlights of Menton. It is grown on communal orchards and private land and has a unique scent.
The Menton lemon, a unique lemon

The Menton lemon differs from other varieties by its elliptical shape, its color that changes according to the seasons (light yellow at the beginning of its cultivation, it becomes bright yellow at its optimal maturity), its aroma, its sweet acidity, and its skin thickness. The size of this golden fruit varies from a minimum of 53mm in diameter and a maximum of 90mm in diameter.

Harvested by hand, the Menton lemon has a remarkable asset: it undergoes no chemical treatment after harvesting and is not coated with wax.

Climate benefits for the Menton lemon

These lemons grow thanks to the exceptional climate of the Menton area: a mild climate under maritime influences.

With the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea and the natural protection of a mountain amphitheatre, the Menton area benefits from a favourable microclimate to cultivate of the golden fruit.

Menton lemon: A recognised fruit variety

This exceptional fruit is very popular with famous chefs including Mauro Colagreco and Joel Garaut.

Since 2015, the Citron de Menton benefits from the “Indication Géographique Protégée” (Protected Geographical Indication). The PGI is the culmination of a long process of recognition aimed at homogenising production and enhancing the value of the golden fruit.