Between medieval and baroque


Sospel: a village in the heart of the Bevera Valley

Located in the heart of the green Bevera Valley, south of the Mercantour Park, Sospel is an important crossroad between the sea and the mountains. Surrounded by hills, Sospel is a mid-sized mountainous area.

This peaceful village with medieval charm is home to a Baroque ensemble: the facades of religious buildings and trompe l’oeil paintings testify to the original cultural identity of the place.

A true theatre setting, Sospel stretches from both sides of the Bevera, at an altitude of 350 meters.

Situated about 20 kilometers from Menton, Sospel is a city steeped in history that was developed thanks to « route du sel » (the Salt Road) during the Middle Ages.



Sospel main attractions:

  • le Pont-Vieux (Old Bridge)
  • Chapels of Penitents
  • Saint-Michel Cathedral
  • Saint-Michel Square
  • Trompe l’oeil village paintings
  • Fort Saint-Roch
  • Fort Barbonnet
  • Fort of Agaisen
  • Republic Street (Carriera Longua) and its fountain
  • Saint-Nicolas and its fountain
  • Sainte-Croix Chapel (White Penitents Chapel)
  • Garibaldi Square
  • Place de la Cabraia and its fountain
  • Castle square
  • San Sebastian Chapel
  • Saint-Roch Chapel