Between nature and authenticity


Saorge: a perched village in the Roya Valley

« Village monumental »(“monumental village”), Saorge is ranked among the « Plus beaux villages de France » (“most beautiful villages in France”).

Perched at 550 meters of altitude the village is witness to medieval architecture in the Roya Valley.

Hanging on the cliff, Saorge appears like a dizzying eagle’s nest with its tall houses and bluish facades facing the sun!

Overlooking the gorges of the Roya River, Saorge is a magnificent village with its labyrinth of small streets and vaulted passages!

Saorge is accessible by a narrow and winding mountain road. From alley to alley this “Tibetan village” can only be explored on foot.

Saorge main attractions:

  • the Monastery of Saorge
  • the remains of the Saint-Georges castle
  • the old communal oven
  • the Franciscan convent
  • the Castle of Salines
  • Saint-Sauveur Church
  • the Madonna della Poggio chapel
  • the Saint-Jacques chapel
  • St. George’s Chapel
  • the Black Penitents chapel
  • the bath of the Semite