Preserved and fragile mountain biodiversity

The French Riviera is a fragile and authentic territory, a unique mosaic of sea landscapes, mountains and valleys.

These territories are full of precious cultural and natural treasures, as well as magnificent and unspoiled spaces for memorable experiences.

Mercantour National Park: Mecca of biodiversity

Some villages of the French Riviera, on the outskirts of the Mercantour National Park, benefit from:

  • breathtaking landscapes
  • mountain wild fauna (chamois, ibex, bighorn sheep and small mammals such as groundhogs, hares, stoats, etc.)
  • rare bird species: (golden eagles, bearded vultures, ptarmigan),
  • an exceptional flora (2,269 flower species including 105 rare and 40 endemics)
Natura 2000 protected sites

Various sites in the territory have been classified as NATURA 2000, including four in the Roya Valley:

  • Mont Chajol, which rises 2,293 meters above the village of Casterino with its mugo pine bushes.
  • The Bat site of Breil-sur-Roya which is home to numerous bat roosts.
  • Marguareis-La Brigue-Fontan-Saorge, a limestone massif with more than 250 cavities.
  • La Bendola site near Saorge which is home to 16 protected natural habitats: dry grassland areas, wild orchids, and a colony of bats.