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Discovering Menton

A preserved city, located at the boundaries between Italy, Monaco and Nice County, Menton benefits from a subtropical microclimate that makes winters almost nonexistent. Menton is classified as a tourist resort. Among other advantages, this status allows retailers to be open on Sundays.

Discovering Menton or living there means allowing yourself to be seduced by the serenity and charm of this unique place. Nothing is ordinary here, a landlocked city yet opened to the world. 

For those who make an effort to understand the city’s history, they will experience the generosity of its inhabitants, from every corner of the ochre streets heated by the Mediterranean sun.  

It creates for us a path to harmony, simple but dreamlike happiness that Albert Camus described as “the harmony of the Earth and its footsteps”. 

A city of art and history, a city of gardens and culture, Menton is a preserved Eden that nevertheless looks to its future on the Riviera, achieving the perfect alchemy. 

Welcome to Menton, where nothing is ordinary. 

Geography and climate

At the border of two sovereign states, Italy and Monaco, Menton is the most eastern French city of the Riviera. 

It is nestled in the heart of the bay bounded to the west by Cap-Martin and to the east by Mortola Point. It is open to the Mediterranean and set against the foothills of the Alps. 

It is surrounded by high mountains such as Mont Agel (1,149 meters), Mont Bear (1,249 meters) and Cradle (1,200 meters). 

Big events

Menton is a bustle of events and activities as the city, associations, sports clubs and other services organise no less than 2,000 events during the year.  

Some weeks are richer in events than others and you can, on the same day, participate in a running race at the promenade, visit the museum until midnight, enjoy the local parties, guided tours, see the unique exhibitions or have a relaxing family moment in the Pian Park. 

In addition to its almost daily activity program, the City of Menton organizes about 10 major events throughout the year, some of which last up to three weeks and fill out the year event calendar. 

In Menton, not a month goes by without a major event! 

This is all made possible by the city which finances the events with more than 3,2 million euros a year, all of which go to tourist professionals. 

Menton, the City of Culture

Menton is a city of culture! Mediterranean culture is mixed with southern European, northern African and Middle Eastern cultures. As well as the French culture, with the recent celebration of the 150th anniversary of Menton’s attachment to France, you can find other distant cultures, Creole, Asian, South American, and local ones such as Mentonnaise. 

« Artium civitas », City of Arts

The saying inscribed at the entrance of the City Hall reflects the cultural vocation of Menton which expressed itself in the enhancement of the heritage monuments, and gardens. This vocation was confirmed by the label “City of Art and History” given to the city in 1991.  

Last but not least, Menton has several Museums, a contemporary art gallery and a rich event calendar – the Music Festival, the symposiums “Penser notre temps” (reflections on our time), and the Garden Festival (Festival des jardins). 

[From the Ville de Menton website]