Local flavors


The French Riviera, a land of flavors

Between sea and mountains, the French Riviera is a unique and multicultural territory. 

In terms of cuisine, the villages of the Riviera have been able to adapt and combine Italian flavors (Piedmont) with French flavors (Provence). To this unique blend, particularly present on the coast, one must add the mountain culinary traditions present in the Roya Valley and La Bévera.

French Riviera: A real gourmet stopover

With sea products, family and market gardening, Italian influences and ancient traditions, the cuisine of the French Riviera is both gourmet and simple.

This Mediterranean parenthesis focuses on local and seasonal products.

Coastal cuisine

Some of the staple dishes are:

  • Seafood products (fish soup, flounder, poutine (young fish), stockfish, small cuttlefish…)
  • Small stuffed vegetables
  • The socca (Farinata)
  • The panisses (fried, chickpea flour cake)
  • The Barba Juan (fried ‘ravioli’)
  • Fougasse mentonnaise (cake filled with anise, peanuts, and raisins)
  • The pichade (local pizza)
The cuisine of the Valleys

Different staple dishes of the Valleys are:

  • Seasonal vegetables
  • Fresh pasta mixed with vegetables
  • “Quiques” (flat pasta based on chard)
  • “Boursouzes” (vegetable-stuffed and fried pasta squares)
  • “Tatifulusa” or “tantifoulouse” (vegetable-based pie)
  • Cheese (sheep, goat)
  • “Ganses” (sweet doughnuts)
  • “Crichenta” (sugar brioche)
  • “Picore” (raisin brioche)

Local specialities

The temperate climate enjoyed by the French Riviera is a considerable asset for our taste buds.
In addition to the inevitable Lemon of Menton, chestnut and olive trees are also very present on the territory.