Land of inspiration


The French Riviera: a land of inspiration for many artists

The French Riviera is a paradise nestled between the sea and the mountains and is an inspiration to many artists, whatever their field: art, painting, architecture, cinema, literature.…

A land of creation, the French Riviera is marked by centuries of history and artistic creation. The architecture, paintings, gardens, Belle Epoque villas, cathedrals, churches, chapels, are all witnesses to different eras.

The famous architects:

  • Charles Garnier
  • Abel Glena
  • Alfred Marsang
  • Adrien Rey
  • Rives
  • Tersling

Jean Cocteau, Le Corbusier and Raza also left their signature at the Riviera:

  • The former Bastion of Menton and the Jean Cocteau Museum collection Severin Wunderman are dedicated to the artworks of this artist who fell in love with the city of Menton. Not to mention, the “wedding room” which was painted in the 1950s and inaugurated on March 22, 1958.
  • To appreciate the works of Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris known as Le Corbusier, you must visit the site of Cap Moderne in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. In this exceptional setting, next to Eileen Grey’s E-1027 Villa, are the camping units and the Cabanon built by Le Corbusier. Built in a minimalist style, these architectural creations integrate perfectly into the coast of Roquebrune.
  • Gorbio also has a large collection of artworks by Sayed Haider Raza (S.H. Raza), an Indian contemporary painter, who divided his time between Paris, Gorbio and his home country of India.


A land of creation, the French Riviera is a source of inspiration for the 7eme art: offering ideal lighting, exceptional sites, the sea, and the mountains…

This dream backdrop served as a location for several films:

  • 2012 – Grace of Monaco (Olivier Dahan) – Menton
  • 2012 – Möbius (Eric Rochand) – Menton
  • 2012 – 11.6 (Philippe Godeau) – La Turbie
  • 2006 – Hors de Prix (Pierre Salvadori) – La Turbie
  • 2001 – 24H de la vie d’une femme (Laurent Bouhnik) – Menton
  • 2001 – La Chambre du fils (Nanni Moretti) – Menton
  • 1998 – Condorman (Charles Jarrot) – Roquebrune-Cap-Martin
  • 1983 – Jamais plus jamais (Irvin Kerschner) – Menton
  • 1982 – Mortelle Randonnée (Claude Miller) – Roquebrune-Cap-Martin
  • 1981 – Aphrodite ( Robert Fuest) – Roquebrune-Cap-Martin
  • 1975 – Une Anglaise romantique (Joseph Losey) – La Turbie
  • 1975 – Le Sac de Billes (Jacques Doillon) – Menton
  • 1969 – L’Echafaudage (Pierre Cardinal) – Menton
  • 1964 – Le Corniaud (Gérard Oury) – Menton
  • 1963 – Les félins (René Clément) – Roquebrune-Cap-Martin
  • 1955 – La Main au collet (Alfred Hitchcock) – La Turbie

The French Riviera was also the place of residence and/or a vacation spot of several writers.

Among the most famous writers are:

  • Vicente Blasco Ibanez (1867-1928)
  • Marie Jean Guyau (1854-1888)
  • Alice Fleurey dite Henry-Gréville (1842-1902)
  • Richard Le Gallienne (1866-1947)
  • Gaston Leroux (1868-1927)
  • Katherine Mansfield(1888-1923)
  • Stanislas André Steeman (1908-1970)