Fontes Aquarum


Fontan: A village and its two hamlets

Created in 1616 by order of Duke Charles-Emmanuel First of Savoy on the Royal Road connecting Nice to Turin, Fontan is located along the Roya River.

This Mediterranean village rich with olive trees, chestnut groves and alpine mountain pastures, got its name from Fontes Aquarum, various fresh springs that feed the village.

At the heart of the Roya Valley, Fontan is made up of two hamlets: Upper Berghe (Berghe supérieur), and Lower Berghe (Berghe inférieur).

Accessible by a winding road cut in purple shale rock, the two hamlets overlook the village. Nestled 800 meters above sea level, they offer superb views of the entire valley.

Fontan Main attractions:

  • Notre-Dame de la Visitation Church
  • Saint-Jacques Chapel
  • Ceva Plateau
  • Hamlets: Upper Berghe, Lower Berghe
  • Castle of Causega
  • Scarassoui Viaduct
  • Berghe Helical Tunnel
  • Liberator’s Monument in Sosno
  • Hydroelectric plant
  • Notre-Dame de La Merci Church
  • Notre-Dame du Rosaire Church